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Angelica summing up what having responsibilities really means.

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So I made my own seitan a few days ago and it’s definitely one of the best ideas I’ve had. It’s a lot cheaper compared to buying tofu and since you control the means of production (you little bougie fuck, you) it’s a lot more versatile since you can make it to fit your needs/ recipes. This is the second time I’ve made wings out of it and they rule! Here’s how:

  • Marinate your seitan in whatever broth you used to cook it. This will keep it juicy when you cook it insted of drying out like sliced “bacon” seitan.
  • Rip your seitan into wing-sized chunks
  • Roll the chunks in a veganaise/ almond milk mixture. I just kinda eyeball it, but I’d say about 4 parts veganaise to 1 part almond milk. This helps the breading stick
  • Pour about half a cup of corn meal into a gallon-sized plastic bag. Put a few chunks in, seal the bag, and shake until the chunks are coated and then take them out and set them aside. Keep doing this a few chunks at a time, adding corn meal as you need it.
  • Once all the chunks are breaded put them in a large, oiled pan over medium-high heat. It helps to have a lid to keep the oil from getting all over the place if it fizzes.
  • Turn the chunks in the oil to brown them on all sides. This can be tricky because the hand-torn pieces might have some awkward shapes.
  • After your wings are thoroughly fried, but them in a medium sized bowl, put a good amount of your sauce on them, and swirl/ flip them around until everythin is covered.
  • FEAST!

These are super yummy and don’t take more than 15 minutes to make. The veganaise is kinda pricey but you only use a little so this isn’t really that expensive to make, either! The recipe works for other types of wings (Buffalo, for instance), just change the sauce. You can also add some sass by adding seasonings to the corn meal before breading! Hope this helps!


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